Is the brilliance of all Laboratory grown diamonds the same?

"Since they are created in labs (such as research labs), aren't Laboratory grown diamonds (synthetic diamonds; hereinafter abbreviated) identical mass-produced products?"

We have been asked questions like this many times since SHINCA started.

The answer is "no".

Each crystallization is unique, creating raw gemstones

Just like natural diamonds, SHINCA's Laboratory grown diamonds each feature their own unique characteristics,and no two of them are identical.

One of the production methods of Laboratory grown diamonds artificially creates the condition deep beneath earth's surface where natural diamonds are produced to create different raw gemestones through unique crystallization process.

The unique qualities of Laboratory grown diamonds, no two of which are the same

Despite the fact that they are produced in a lab, this does not mean that they are mass-produced with the exact same quality like industrial goods produced through atomization, they all have their own unique qualities including shape, size, and color just as with natural diamonds. It does not necessarily mean that only diamonds of the highest quality are produced. Furthermore, cutting and polishing them in the same way as natural diamonds to accentuate the appeal of each individual diamond results in a one-of-a-kind brilliant radiance.

Is there also a 4C for Laboratory grown diamonds?

To find the individual characteristics, which is to say the quality, of each diamond, the 4 factors called 4C consisting of Cut (brilliance), Carat (weight), Color (color) and Clarity (degree of transparency) are also used as guidelines for Laboratory grown diamonds.

SHINCA's center stones are carefully selected based on these 4C standards from Laboratory grown diamonds with color grades of H or higher and

quality grades of SI2 or higher. Even for jewelry with the same design, the price is based on the size and quality of the individual diamond,

so you can select based on your preferences. 

Whether diamonds created in labs or by natural processes, the fact that no two diamonds in the world are alike remains the same.