SHINCA's designs

"Adorning oneself" is not absolutely necessary in daily life, but humans using fashion accessories is said to have started in prehistoric times give the mind a feeling of abundance.

To deliver new brilliance

Natural diamond jewelry is also said to have a long history dating back to the pre-BC era, making jewelry to be seen as natural stone as a matter of course. However, something happened in recent years to starkly change this situation. That was the birth of Laboratory grown diamonds (synthetic diamonds; hereinafter abbreviated) through innovations and advancements in technology.

It is our desire to deliver the brilliance of these diamond, which is acknowledged by professional jewelers, within Japan. as quickly as possible.

That is why we at SHINCA decided to use universal designs which draw out the high quality of the materials, are easy to use, and which users will never grow tired of.

Unique gem setting with care and skill

However, we felt that we could not express the advanced radiance of Laboratory grown diamonds and SHINCA concept using common traditional gem setting (how the gems are set).

And so to create a new "basic", we went through a long process of trial and error with jewelry designers and jewelry maker.

The shapes of SHINCA's jewelry are very simple, but compared with mass-producible jewelry they are extremely delicate, requiring the labor of many people and knowledge of cutting-edge jewelry making technology in order to create the ideal forms for the diamonds.

The design of ring shank as extremely thin as possible and setting with the smallest prongs was finally made possible with the help of experienced and highly-skilled jewelers and designers with thorough attention to the finest details at every step of the process.

Pursuit of "design without designing"

Rather than emphasizing lower prices by setting Laboratory grown diamonds into casual materials, we at SHINCA feel our mission is to continue to deliver authentically created and fine quality jewelry to the world. 

In order to ensure that the pure brilliance of beautiful Laboratory grown diamonds remains timeless regardless of trends, treasured by users forever, and sustainable, SHINCA uses simple designs and materials to pursue "design without designing".