How are Laboratory grown diamonds created?

Since its debut, SHINCA has received a variety of inquiries and questions.

Here we will provide an explanation of the most common of those questions, namely how Laboratory grown diamonds (synthetic diamonds; hereinafter abbreviated) are created.

Two methods of creating Laboratory grown diamonds

The methods of production can be largely broken down into HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition). Laboratory grown diamonds are produced around the world using these methods, and research is still advancing at a rapid pace.

HPHT, which recreates the conditions producing natural diamonds

The method which has been researched longer and the most commonly used now is HPHT(High Pressure and High Temperature). Natural diamonds are created in high temperature and high pressure conditions in the mantle deep within the earth. Conditions similar to this are artificially created to apply 55,000 atmospheric pressure and a temperature of 1,400℃ or higher to cylinders of carbon to create the diamonds.

To explain how much pressure 55,000 atmospheres are, the pressure of a home pressure cooker is about 2-2.5 atmospheres and the pressure at the deepest parts of the ocean is about 1,000 atmospheres so this level of pressure eludes the imagination. This was a technology which was used to create melee (tiny) diamonds which are used to encircle larger diamonds, but recently large diamonds have also come to be produced via this method.

CVD, which is good for producing large, clear diamonds

Developed after HPHT, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) is a method though which relatively larger diamonds are produced, and although it requires temperatures of up to 1,300℃, no high pressure is required.

This method grows diamond layers using thinly sliced diamonds as seeds. Applying microwave energy to methane gas containing carbon can gradually grow the diamond.

Because the types and amounts of chemical impurities can be strictly controlled, it is possible to created diamonds with high purity.

Laboratory grown diamonds produced via either method have the same physical properties and brilliance as any diamond. Beautiful diamonds are not only good to wear, but they also give us power just by gazing at them.