Are there color variations in Laboratory grown diamonds?

Diamonds are generally thought of as being colorless and translucent.

But did you know that there are actually many hues of diamonds?

The very rare natural colored diamonds

In addition to colorless diamonds, those with color are called "fancy color diamonds".

Furthermore, they are classified into 2 types: "natural diamonds" in which color occurs naturally, and "treatment diamonds" to which colors are applied via a process.

It is said that fancy color natural diamonds exist in almost all colors. The overwhelming majority of them are brown and yellow. These are followed by pink and blue. Red and purple are very rare.Black is recently gaining popularity, and grey and milk white also exist.

The reason natural color diamonds exist is different for each color, and there is still much that is unknown. The main reasons are substances other than carbon being caught in the crystallization of carbon in the ground, or a deficient arrangement of carbon atoms, causing colors to be seen. Among the natural diamonds which have been cut throughout history, fancy color diamonds only make up approximately a mere 1/10,000 carat. Those with stronger colors are said to account for only about 1/25,000 carats.

Laboratory grown diamonds are able to produce various colors

The total amount is extremely small, and especially those which are large and have darker colors are very hard to obtain, but Laboratory grown diamonds (synthetic diamonds; hereinafter abbreviated) can also now produce colors as a result of many years of research.

For example, by adding small amounts of iodine and boron, etc. to the equipment which creates Laboratory grown diamonds, it is possible to create yellow, pink, and blue diamonds as desired. Each of them has different tones and shades even of the same color.

It is also possible to create large color diamonds

Furthermore, research is also advancing to create new colors which do not exist in natural diamonds.

Color diamonds let you enjoy both the unique charm of diamonds and beautiful colors at the same time. Their abundantly unique radiance gives us even more hope for the possibilities of Laboratory grown diamonds.